tommy is such a cute name

the last time i went camping was for my friends birthday party and we brought a bunch of acoustic instruments and a cajon and at midnight we played an entire alice in chains album and the guy drove up in a car and told us that we sounded good but that grunge is dead and that we needed to stop

  • me: mom... dad... im g-
  • parents: gay?
  • me: going into battle and i need only your strongest potions

i know that theres lots of ppl/things u can tag pictures of cats with so when you actually tag pictures of cats w me it makes me a happy heatoise

*calls up two of my friends and invites them over to my house however when they arrive all they get out of me is a cannibal corpse style death growl and then i send them on their merry way*

from now on i am never messaging anyone on skype first because tht further heightens that thing im going for you know the whole mysterious thing you know. people love that i think

the basilisks in dark souls look so funny